Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Small Things - The Catalyst Conference

Last week I rode up to Atlanta for the 2009 Catalyst Conference in a van full of 8 missionaries I had never met before. So much happened this week that I can't list it all. All I can say is that I had such an AMAZING time! Lots of laughter to the point it was starting to hurt.

Although, I can't list everything I'll try to list some cool stuff:

1. Made 8 or more new friends from NMSI during the 20 hour road trip (that's two 10 hour rides round trip.)

2. Volunteered at the Catalyst Conference where there were 13,000 next generation Christian leaders all gathered to worship, be refreshed, and encouraged. (I didn't get the job I interviewed for mentioned in my previous post...sad...I know...it's one of those "maybe next time b/c someone else in the dept. alread took the job" kinda things)

3. Connected with friends who live in Atlanta.

4. Met some people in person I've corresponded with online through Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, etc.

5. Was presented with some more opportunities that might bring me to Atlanta.

So, I didn't get the "big job" I wanted nor did I meet my future husband (atleast not that I'm aware of yet) while at this conference full of young, hip, Christian-leader dudes. I worked my butt off while volunteering, though. And I made some great connections and bonded with some great people! And somehow amongst all of it, I feel like a part of me has changed in just one week. I took a lot of risk going to this conference and I relied on the help of others every step of the way. Through that I experienced God's love and provision. I saw Him in the "small things" and in the "day by day," "moment by moment."

I realized that it's in the seemingly small things that God can be the most at work! After meeting with a bunch of leaders with dreams for big things, God remindes me of the importance of spotting Him in the least likely of places. Because after an amazing week like that, you go home to your job, your circumstance, and your laundry. And realize...this looks like all that there is. BUT...there is a greater hope. There is eternal purpose for my life no matter where I am, no matter what the circumstance. The small things, aren't really small. Because a big God is involved!

"Who has despised the day of small things?"

Zechariah 4:10

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