Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee Talk

During one of my visits to the Philippines last year I was at a little coffee shop with my two aunties. We talked about life, had a drink of choice, and a little treat to accompany it.

The whole idea of going somewhere solely for coffee and conversation is new to them. I guess growing up in the Philippines that just wasn't what people did.

I'm glad I was able to introduce this type of thing to them. :)

I'm a real sucker for the Starbucks culture, Macbooks, Google, Social Networking, and obviously blogging.

I have no problem spending 4 dollars on a Grande Soy Chai Latte just to go somewhere and journal and maybe people watch.

But after my trip to Atlanta, GA to interview with Cafe1040 I had to evaluate my current spending habits. Outlook not so good for the next steps I need to make if I want to go into full-time ministry anytime soon. *sigh* (I still have some debt from medical and family emergencies I need to take care of before going into a position with somewhere like Cafe1040 where I would need to raise full support.)

But I've been doing better with my spending habits. I realized buying Lattes, cookies, etc. really adds up. God is so cool though because has been showing me that He'll still provide; one day someone gave me a free starbucks gift card. Then a random connection online donated 5 dollars to me through Paypal just go get coffee! Haha crazy. Lesson: Starbucks isn't necesarily bad, but I do need to learn a lil' bit of discpline for now. Moderation! =)

In the meanwhile, I still dream of working somewhere my gifts and skills will be used. And ideally in a place I'd like to be (where I can grow). One possible opportunity is with the Catalyst Conference. I'd specialize in helping next generation leaders stay encouraged throughout the year and assisting them with attending the Catalyst Conference. (learn more here: That would be a dream! The people that work for Catalyst seem so great and I'd be spending most of my time doing something I enjoy. The headquarters is in Duluth, GA. They wanted to continue with interviews, but had to put the hiring process on hold until after the Conference this fall.

So, the rest of this summer I'll spend trying to use methods from people such as Dave Ramsey to start budgeting smarter and getting rid of debt. Then by October hopefully be able to volunteer at the Catalyst Conferece in Atlanta.

All in between I'm learning how to be a beach bum with my new free beach parking permit! Woo Hoo.

Lastly, another biblical counseling course starts up in September. Eek! I love school, I love studying, but I hate homework and tests. :(

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